In case you haven’t heard, Primark is making its way to the U.S.A! For my European readers already lucky enough to have the store, you can probably understand why everyone is so excited and for those of you who don’t know, let me enlighten you.

Flickr: thinkretail
Flickr: thinkretail

Dirt Cheap

The closest example to a Primark type store we have in the states is Forever 21, but Primark’s prices are even lower! Who knew that was possible?

On Trend

If you are all about staying on top of trends, this place lets you satisfy that fast fashion craving no problem. Male and female collections are all found here. $5 graphic tees anyone?

Flickr: thinkretail
Flickr: thinkretail

Mid-level Quality

Quality is low but it doesn’t affect all products. My favorite tights in the whole world I scored in London for 2 pounds 3 years ago and they’re still in good shape. The products will not last you forever, but you probably don’t want them to anyways.

Moral Compass

The Rana Plaza Factory disaster happened about a year ago today, taking the lives of over 1,000. The factory housed textile and clothing companies, Primark among them. Of all the companies housed in the factory, Primark has taken the initiative to make retributions to the workers and their families. They have also begun to focus on bettering the building structures and working conditions of their other factories. It is devastating that something so tragic had to take the blinders off, but I commend their steps towards retribution and hope it is a sincere effort on their behalf.

Flickr: bevgoodwin
Flickr: bevgoodwin

We will be seeing the flagship U.S. store in 2015-2016. Boston, get ready! I’ll see you Sirens at the opening.

Stay Happy—TSS

(Featured image courtesty of Flickr:stringberd)

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