Nice and Nasty

In my latest WWWW, Kristen told me one of her favorite places to online shop was so of course I had to check it out. Not surprisingly, I liked what I saw; it was fun, edgy, and a little kitschy. I thought I’d share a few of the coolest summer pieces I found with you this Monday.

Nasty Gal In Check Two-piece Dress $78.00
Nasty Gal In Check Two-piece Dress

Bare midriffs are here to stay for the summer. Take advantage of the trend with this sassy checkered ensemble. That type of skirt is almost universally flattering, plus you can mix and match the top and bottom with other pieces if you need to switch it up.

Get Busy Romper $52.00
Get Busy Romper

On the totally opposite end, cover up the midriff and show off your legs in this adorable romper. The lace detailing on the shoulders really stole my heart. In my opinion rompers are making a slow exit from the fashion world, but this one is simple and sweet enough you can store it til they come back later.

Lazy Twins Go Bananas Skirt $72.00
Lazy Twins Go Bananas Skirt

Love this fun, bright print. Totally summer-worthy.

Cut Class Top $48.00
Cut Class Top

Back to the bare midriff trend, this crop top offers a little bit of class with its prim collar. It would look pretty adorable with the skirt above.

Which item is your favorite? Anything similar you’re planning on wearing this summer? Tell me in the comments!

Stay Happy—TSS


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