Rings on Rings on Rings

Tunnel vision. I have it for objects I’m loving at the time. For a while I was really obsessed with tights and bought them in every color, pattern, and material imaginable, then I moved onto earrings doing the same thing. Currently I’m loving simple stackable rings. The midi trend of the early summer is so cool and I will be wearing it even after the trends over. Are jewelry trends ever really over anyways?

IMG_1684One thing that I love about these little rings is that they are so cheap! Even full price a pack of 10 is ~ $5. But you know I never buy things full price, so I found several different packs at H&M on sale for $1-$3. Within a week I had gotten my money’s worth from them. They go with everything!

IMG_1683One way to get maximum use out of your midi rings is to wear them as normal rings on your pinky, like I did above.

Where have you found your coolest midi and stackable rings? Let me know in the comments so I can check it out!

Stay Happy—TSS

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