All is Katy and Bright

You may have seen that H&M finally released who the face of their holiday collection would be. They picked none other than mega pop star, Superbowl performing, highest earning lady in music, Katy Perry.

katy 2

The photos feature the pop star in cheeky sweaters, lady-like full skirts, and a slick bun. Frankly, they are adorable. The styling is spot on and I’m excited to see the rest of the collection. My personal favorite is the look below. That feather skirt is just the thing for a holiday party!


Katy was a great choice for the face of the holiday line. She’s always worn larger than life costumes on stage, exuding personality and a child-like joy for the simple things in life. Remember her candy-filled wonderland on the California Dreams tour?

katy 3

She already basically auditioned for the gig with her toy soldier costume a few years back.

katy 4

Seriously couldn’t be cuter. Great choice H&M!

Stay Happy—TSS

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