Serious Outfit Envy at the Billboard Music Awards

Okay, so I think we can all agree that Taylor Swift slayed at the Billboard Music Awards last night.

11 Nominations? Check.

8 wins? Check.

Badass new music video unveiled? Check.

Killer outfit? Definite Check!

2015 Billboard Music Awards Arrivals at MGM Grand Garden Arena Las Vegas Featuring: Taylor Swift Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States When: 17 May 2015 Credit: Judy Eddy/
Credit: Judy Eddy/

All of the sudden, I really want – scratch that – MUST HAVE a white jumpsuit. Since this particular one is Balmain (READ: way out of my price range), I searched for some more affordable options online. But know that if I sold a bazillion albums and sold out world tours, I’d buy this too, Taylor.

white jumpsuit3

Luckily British cool girl brand ASOS had some fabulous choices to sift through. Here were my top three favorites:

white jumpsuitwhite jumpsuit2 white jumpsuit1

Technically the middle picture is a romper, but still too cute to pass up. I could totally see Taylor rocking that. Pics are linked to ASOS’s site, so click on the link if you like what you see.

Stay Happy —TSS

The 5 Must Have Items for Any True Audrey Hepburn Fan

Happy Birthday, Audrey! In honor of my favorite icon‘s day of birth, I’ve searched the interweb for some lovely items inspired by her true self and the characters she played so beautifully.

1. The classics
There are so many great Audrey films, so many. But for anyone who needs an intro into the magnificence that is Audrey, these 3 should be your go to. Watch them chronologically starting with Roman Holiday and be prepared to fall in love. (After you’ve finished, move on to Funny Face and Two for the Road.)

audrey 4
2. Life story
This book is written by Audrey’s son, offering the reader a more intimate & personal portrait of the Hollywood star. It reminds us all she was so much more than that.
audrey 2
3. Unique artwork
With so many talented artists populating our earth today, there are infinite options when it comes to art memorializing our favorite stars. I’d go with an interesting canvas or print over a photograph any day.
audrey 14. Barbies
Yeah that’s right I said Barbies. Look how cool these ones are from the musical My Fair Lady! You know you want one.
audrey 3
5. Sleep set
Handcrafted to model the mask worn by the fabulous Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Channel her glamor for Halloween or you know, every day. You need this even more than the Barbies.

What’s your favorite Audrey memorabilia?

Stay Happy—TSS

Words on Paper

Hi, my name is Rachel and I’m a paper hoarder – notebooks, stationary, journals, you name it. I fall in love with each fresh piece of paper and the opportunities that lie within its blank spaces. I collect diaries like they are priceless treasures, dividing my thoughts among them so they each tell a different story: every day life, romance, deep thoughts. Maybe I am intrigued by the irony of a page; its flimsy structure has the strength to hold emotions, hopes, and dreams as if they weigh nothing.

letters 5

In this world of incessant yet fleeting communication, paper allows us to stop and sit for a minute. To touch the soft page and imagine the author doing the same, to examine frenzied strokes and watch the urgency of thoughts increase, to smell the perfume sprayed over its surface creating a hologram next to you, to hear the writer’s voice echoing in your head as you read; a hand-written letter is a full body experience that gives hello, goodbye, I miss you, I love you, I’m sorry a little more meaning.

This Must Have Monday I’ve roped up a few handmade stationary items from Etsy so you all can say what you feel a little more beautifully, a little more personally. Click the photo to purchase.
letters 2 lettersletters 3

letters 1 letters 4

What will you write?

Stay Happy — TSS