All is Katy and Bright

You may have seen that H&M finally released who the face of their holiday collection would be. They picked none other than mega pop star, Superbowl performing, highest earning lady in music, Katy Perry.

katy 2

The photos feature the pop star in cheeky sweaters, lady-like full skirts, and a slick bun. Frankly, they are adorable. The styling is spot on and I’m excited to see the rest of the collection. My personal favorite is the look below. That feather skirt is just the thing for a holiday party!


Katy was a great choice for the face of the holiday line. She’s always worn larger than life costumes on stage, exuding personality and a child-like joy for the simple things in life. Remember her candy-filled wonderland on the California Dreams tour?

katy 3

She already basically auditioned for the gig with her toy soldier costume a few years back.

katy 4

Seriously couldn’t be cuter. Great choice H&M!

Stay Happy—TSS

Flash! Not the Superhero

What if you could wear beautiful, intricate jewelry without worrying that it will fall off or hit you in the face as you jump at that festival? (That has never most definitely happened to me). Or have you ever wondered what it would be like to have an exquisite work of art on your body that would magically disappear before that all important job interview?

The ladies of Flash Tattoos wanted both of these things and hence, came the trend that won over celebrities and hippie festival lover alike: the flash tattoo. Jewelry inspired, metallic, and designed in-house, these trendy accessories give you the best of two worlds: fashion and body art, all with no commitment!

Illia Collection $25.00
Illia Collection $25.00; courtesy of

The tattoos range in price from $20-$30 and include 3-4 sheets of designs. These aren’t dollar store temps from your kid days though; these babies are waterproof and can last 4-6 days. That means the beach inspired tattoos below won’t keep you from experiencing some salty waves on your next vacation.

Goldfish Kiss by Rebecca Steen Collection $20.00; courtesy of
Goldfish Kiss by Rebecca Steen Collection $20.00; courtesy of

Featured in everything from Vogue to The Today Show to Instyle, flash tats have revolutionized the temporary tattoo and accessory industries. One of my favorite collections  was inspired by the Hagia Sofia in Istanbul, Turkey, making me adore them even more!

Sofia Collection $22.00; courtesy of
Sofia Collection $22.00; courtesy of

These accessories have certainly been the trend of the summer, and one I hope sticks around for a many more. Have any of you Sirens tried Flash Tattoos? Tell me what you thought!

Stay Happy — TSS

BHLDN = A Bridesmaid’s Bliss

The latest trend isn’t so much a trend, but rather a season – wedding season! Did you know Anthropologie had a wedding brand? Yeah, I didn’t either until I heard they were expanding their bridal party selection of dresses. The line is called BHLDN (read “beholden”) and the styles are largely vintage inspired and wonderfully romantic. Today I’ll show you some dresses your bridesmaids will actually want to wear again! Typical pricing is $200 – $400 per gown.

1. Juliette dress
bridesmaidEverything from the sea foam color to the delicate lace and sweetheart neckline steals my heart.

2. Polly Dress

bridesmaid 1Fun and flouncy, this wrap dress would be perfect for a summer wedding!

3. Corrine Dressbridesmaid 2I love the high sheer neckline on this one! Especially with this particular color, it has the support of straps, but the elegant illusion of strapless.

4. Ascott Dress

bridesmaid 3The beading and design on this gown is so luxe! Your wedding will look like a Gatsby party (in the best way).

5. Fleur Dress

bridesmaid 4I just ADORE this dark grey dress. The bodice will flatter a variety of body types and the lace detailing on the sleeves is tres chic!

Would you choose any of these for your wedding?

Stay Happy — TSS